Magic – Feel the dream!

In former times rabbits were pulled from an empty head, nowadays the Ehrlich Brothers appear with a heavy Harley from an overdimensional iPad. With their sensational show „Magic – Feel the dream“ Andreas and Chris Ehrlich have lead the stage magic into a new era and have caused an intergenerational sensation. March 2015, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich have been nominated as members of honour for the “Magic Circle” in the UK, the oldest magic association of the world due to their credit for magic. This honour has only been granted before to celebrities such as David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy.

The spectator cannot understand what happens the moment the Ehrlich Brothers bend a heart out of heavy weight railway tracks, let grow a small orange tree from a pip or a paper flower becomes a fragrant rose. The Ehrlich Brothers make illusions come true. The perfect combination of elaborate illusions, lovingly staged tricks, wit and charm transmits lots of fun during the magic show to every spectator between the age of 6 to 99.

More than 500.000 enthusiastic fans have already seen the breath-taking spectacle „Magic – Feel the dream“. With this the magicians have sold more tickets in Germany than world stars like Madonna or Justin Bieber. Due to the major success the Ehrlich Brothers will be touring Germany again from October 1, 2015 to June 10, 2016. They will also be in Austria and for the first time in Switzerland.


Tickets und Infos zur Rekordtournee 2015/2016